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Take security in your own hands - through technology

After more than 7 years in the off-site/remote monitoring industry, Security Management Solutions decided to bring an affordable camera system to the market that can be managed and monitored by the home/small business owner.

What is iC Security System?
This is a home/small business security system for the business/home owner who does not need more than 8 cameras to protect their home/business.

Why is the system so affordable?
Security Management Solutions want to supply a product to the market that is affordable for the “normal” home owner as well as the small business owners, but do not compromise on quality of the product and installation professionalism.

What does the system cost, and what does it consist of?
DVR, 4 Cameras and connection to a 17” screen or Home TV system = R 495/month
DVR, 8 Cameras and connection to a 17” screen or Home TV system = R 755/month

Are there any Hidden Cost?
No – The only cost that will be paid by the Client, will be the monthly cost, as well as a once-off installation cost, which will cover all sundries (icl cables, consumables etc) & labour.
Once-off Installation for 4 Channel System = R 1 250
Once-off Installation for 8 Channel System = R 1 895

How long does the installation take?
As soon as the contract is signed by the client, the Branch nearest to the client will make contact to confirm the installation date.

Why iC Security System – What are the advantages?
Easy manageable security option.
South African Product.
Security Management Solution has a National Footprint in SA.
Security Management Solutions supplies camera systems for the banking industry for the last 7 years.
Watching your cameras on your TV set, an extra screen or on you Smart Cell Phone.
App availability.
30 Days Footage recording (depending on the amount of movement detected).
Security Management Solutions has their own Maintenance Teams.
Mobile Solution (view from home , work ,etc).
We install Proven Technology.
Our Company has an excellent Track Record.
We are one of the Leaders in the Industry.
The system has an on-site owner’s manual for quick fault finding and reference.

Call to Install
082 86 86 593

Terms & Conditions
The client needs to sign a 3 year (36 month) contract for the system, where after the system will be the property of the client.
The client will need to sign a debit order with SMS as this is the only acceptable pay method. If the client cancels the debit order at any time, SMS reserves the right to take legal steps and remove the system from the client’s premises to recover costs.
30 Day recording, depending on the amount of movement detected by the cameras.
The 24hr Support Centre is available for fault logging, but technical assistance can only be done from 09:00 – 16:00 on weekdays.
A DVR of Security Management Solutions’ choice will be installed, with the amount of cameras suited for the system. Camera type will be determined by Security Management Solutions’ discretion and the type thereof.
The client must according to Fica requirements, qualify for the system, prior to installation.
The DVR will, as a standard, be situated near the TV set, except if determined differently between the technical team and the client.
SMS will charge a standard Call-out-Fee R450 (excl equipment repairs) for any call out after installation.
A 12 month warranty on the products – excl lightning.
The is the client’s responsibility to ensure the system on his premises.
No items may be stacked on top of a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Ventilation is crucial.
Since a call was logged and fault confirmed by the technician, SMS will do their best in having the system up-an-running within 72 hours. Weekends are not include and calculated within the 72 hrs.
All procedure and warning boards and onsite owner’s manual must be adhered to 100 %
Any tampering with the system will be for the client’s cost for repair and call out fees.
SMS are not liable for Power Failure (whatever the course/nature is).
Work order need to be signed off by the client on completion of installation.
With installation, basic training of the system will be done, thereafter charges will be done as per call out.
It is the Owner’s responsibility for updating details at SMS.
SMS cannot be held liable for any break inn’s , etc after not being home to a prior maintenance call out.

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