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To provide security through cutting edge technology in a cost effective professional manner to our clients by creating a safe and crime free environment.
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To remain at the cutting edge of off-site monitoring technology, thereby becoming the market leader
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To maintain this competitive advantage through continued research and development.
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To provide a safe and crime-free environment for our clients to perform their functions without concerning themselves with surveillance.
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To provide a customized solution in a speedy and professional manner
Security Management Solutions was founded in 2004 through a pilot project for Bank ATM Managers where we were tasked to identify methods employed by criminals to commit ATM fraud and related crimes. CCTV was used to identify methods used to commit these crimes and to identify the suspects. A service package was then formed to provide a complete solution to this ongoing problem. The pilot project was launched in Port Elizabeth to find a workable solution to the ongoing Printer Receipt and Card Reader faults.  Video surveillance was utilized to identify the problem more clearly, and it immediately became apparent that most Card Reader and Printer Feed faults were caused deliberately in an attempt to set up the ATM so as to confuse the prospective victim, and create an environment conducive for the theft of the victim’s electronic banking card and their secret PIN number.

One of the challenges of the project was not only to identify the perpetrators, but to ensure that arrests were made, as well as successful prosecutions using the video footage in court. It was of utmost importance that a network was setup with all the relevant stakeholders to ensure the above goal could be achieved with the final result of reducing the illegal ACTIVITIES AT ATM’s.

Once the effectiveness of using CCTV footage as part of the solution was proven, our next step was to monitor the activities of many sites from an off-site location live to ensure proactive solutions rather than a reactive response. To enable us to effectively monitor the various sites, it was important that the communication methods between the sites and the control room were effective and reliable. For the purpose of this we involved a number of service providers i.e. Telkom, MTN, and Vodacom. Our current Virtual Private Network ensures not only an effective and reliable solution, but also a cost-effective and secure one. We are also able to monitor sites in remote areas that previously were not possible.
Our Company is managed and owned by 3 directors and are all experts in their own specialized fields in the Security Industry. William Koen (25 years in the Security Industry), Wynand Wessels (12 years experience in the Security Industry) and Paul Warren with 22 years in the CCTV, Corporate Investigations and monitoring industry. All three directors are highly qualified and involved in the daily operations of the company.

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